It’s not a race, but rather a gathering of nature and mountain bike enthusiasts, two excellent reasons to spend two days together amongst the charm of Garfa- gnana’s nature, history and strong local traditions.

Of course, a bit of technique and adventure cravings are necessary to complete the 160 km “Epic,” a de- manding trail that boasts much to see, including incredible views of the Apuan Mountains as you climb. Finishing the rst day is rewarded with the unique experience of spending the whole night under the stars with 300 other cyclists more than 1000 meters above sea level in the Arsegna’s green high plain, with camping and mountain huts, including the Sanctuary dedicated to the Madon- na della Guardia, said protect cyclists.

Awake to the smell of nature around you on the second day, which promises a ride through a truly epic landscape. e Garfagnana o ers trails for all lev- els. For a taste of “Epic,” leave from Lago di Vagli, where a ghost town hides at the bottom of its waters, re-emerging only when the lake is emptied.

Crossing over the dam is thrilling, but you will soon leave the ghosts behind you as you climb up to the village of Roggio, where you can jump on a dirt track that leads all the way to Campocatino.

You don’t need to be epic, just well-trained, but in the end, as you ride through the Garfagnana’s landscape, it’s true you will feel very special.

Here, the view looks out over the large eld, le over from an ancient glacial basin, with the imposing Apuan mountains stand- ing out before it. Take a break before heading back down to complete the circle, which crosses the suspended bridge over Lago di Vagli, from which you can practically imagine its submerged town.

The “Epic” trail is one of the many mountain bike trails that give you a glimpse of the true nature of this immensely green mountain, inland and all up for discovery, close by to detours that head to the coast and sea, with the beauty of the Apuan Alps always on the horizon providing constant bear- ings. Amidst medieval villages, ghost towns and lm-worthy scenery