During Muretti Madness you only do two things, again and again: you climb up and you go down.
A crazy route of the steepest short climbs around Florence, one after the other, again and again.

It is a rally for climbing sadists. Designed by Cicloidi, a local cycle group, to finish the season with a “classic” route along the roads and up the climbs where they train during the year. For local cyclists these improbably named streets dating back to the Renaissance or Tuscan folklore traditions are the gateway to routes meandering through the hills of Florence. Doing dozens of these short, steep climbs in short succession in a group is something that only Muretti Madness can offer. At the beginning there’s a feeling of euphoria, but soon the smiling faces will give way to fatigue, barely alleviated by the water fountains, until the final destination in the hills of Fiesole. Do not expect perfect asphalt.

The streets are narrow and often lined by stone walls, but each climb will reveal an extraordinary hidden corner of Florence. The moment you hit the “wall”, you’ll instinctively want to put your foot down. It can happen to anyone. Apart from Gino Bartali who was at home here on these climbs.

Muretti Madness - Firenze
Muretti Madness - Firenze