The idea behind Tuscany Cycling Season is to celebrate the Tuscan region through its long-standing love affair with cycling. It is a story both about the region and about bikes, illustrating that the best way to enjoy the stunning local landscape is through the many cycling events and bike itineraries on offer. We take inspiration from legendary cycling locations around the region and its most heroic cyclists, such as historic champions like Gino Bartali, Fiorenzo Magni and Gastone Nencini. Today, Tuscany still hosts some of the most important cycling races in the world, which pass through towns and countryside to become an essential part of the local heritage. The region is full of places and events that all have their own unique take on cycling, with everything from bicycle tourism to mountain biking and Enduro trails. Tuscany is home to many fascinating cycling routes for all levels, such as the ancient Via Francigena pilgrims’ way, the Etruscan coastline, UNESCO site trails, Apennine tracks and the white gravel roads of L’Eroica race – to name but a few that are featured on the following pages. Tuscany Cycling Season reveals what a unique and authentic experience it is to cycle in Tuscany; we give voice to the stories, events and people who keep the Tuscan cycling season alive all year round.

SEASON 2016/17